The best way to become a Mason is to talk with a Mason you know. If you don’t know a Mason, or are not sure if you know a Mason, send an email to our Secretary HERE. There are a few of thing to be aware of first:

1) You must fill out a petition to join Freemasonry.

As with any membership organization, we have paperwork. It’s inescapable in this day and age, though the history of Masonic petitions span hundreds of years. It’s not long or overly complicated, and the application will give you an idea of what we’re looking for.

Yes, there are questions regarding personal information. Rest assured that your personal information won’t ever be sold, traded, or given away. In fact, it’s only used within the Lodge for Masonic purposes only.

2) You will be interviewed.

It’s more of a “getting to know you” type interview, as opposed to a “job” interview. It’s all part of the process, and if you are new to Masonry, it gives a you a chance to meet some of the brothers in a more casual setting.

3) Your admission is dependent on a vote of the brothers in the Lodge.

We are a voting group – a real democracy – and we vote on everything. Everything.

Once you gone through the petitioning, the interviews, and the voting has gone in your favor, that’s where the real fun begins! Enjoy the ride…